Dragoon: Standard Edition

Play time: 40-60 minutes
Number of Players: 2-4
Recommended age: 13+
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1x Cloth map
1x Large cloth bag / scorekeeper
4x Small cloth bags
1x Tuckbox
1x Deck of 58 cards
1x Instruction booklet
20x Population tiles


Standard Edition Plastic Pieces:

2x Dice
1x Treasure chest
1x Human skull
4x Dragons
4x Caves
4x Dragon skulls
36x Totems

Great for gamers and non-gamers!

Dragoon is an action-strategy game with an ever-changing landscape. Village and city tiles populate the map each round using a coordinate system. During your turn, choose between claiming villages and cities that pay you tribute, or destroying them outright for instant gold. Challenge other players in dragon-to-dragon combat before they lay waste to your empire or enter your cave to steal your riches. You’re never out of the game until the last gold coin is snatched up!

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