Human Era

Play time: 30 minutes
Number of Players: 4-10
Recommended age: 10+
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1x Pink die
1x Hex board
1x Cardboard Wrench
1x Cardboard Nut
1x Score tracker card
1x Instruction booklet
10x Identity Cards
66x Being cards
1x Sticker pack to customize your identity cards

Time traveling social deduction!

In this 4-10 player social deduction game, play as one of 3 secret identities to achieve your unique win condition. While Humans try to repair space and time by returning one of six beings to their correct eras, the Machines are ready to sabotage their plans at every chance. Cyborgs, half-human half-machine, switch allegiances throughout the game. Create paradoxes and chain reactions to outwit your opponents without getting found out! So buckle up–your time machine awaits! Includes 1 player variant!

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