Life Siphon

Play time: 40-60 min
Number of Players: 2-4
Recommended age: 14+
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Contents: 1x Game board 12x Wooden Imp Meeples 12x Wooden Lich Meeples 12x Wooden Dread Knight Meeples 39x Card deck 5x Aspect cards 4x Player boards 4x Wooden heart life trackers Modular Content: 4x Wooden Dragon Meeples 4x Wooden Plague Rat Meeples 4x Wooden Shade Meeples

Multiplayer Head to Head Strategy Combat!

Dragons have taken over the surface, forcing humans underground. During explorations, you discover a box with an orange glowing eye on top. Slowly, you crack open the lid. YOU ARE CURSED!

Life Siphon is a combat strategy game for 2-4 players where your life is the only resource. Spend it wisely to summon creatures to do your bidding and cast spells to get an edge. Attack the player to your left to win; defend from the player to your right to survive! With no dice thrown, player strategy and agency decisively determine the winner! Comes with modular content equivalent to a free expansion in the base game!

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