Play time: 5-30 minutes
Number of Players: 2+
Recommended age:
Contents:   1x Two-piece telescoping cast aluminum box (anodized) 1x Golden mallet, zinc (electroplated) 9x Geodesic balls in 4 colors, zinc (electroplated) 1x Skull king pin, zinc (electroplated) 12x Gold numbered pins, zinc (electroplated) 6x Throwing batons, aluminum (anodized aluminum) 10x Rectangular pegs, aluminum (anodized aluminum)

3 classic and 3 new miniature lawn games!

 METAL is a game made 100% of various metals, and is the first installment in the Material Series by Jordan Draper: a set of games that showcase various materials and utilize their best qualities. The game play centers around 3 classic lawn games (bocce, kubb and croquet) as well as 3 new games designed by Jordan Draper. METAL is published in collaboration with Jordan Draper Games.

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